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Smart Learning

Smart Learning


ToMoKids Platform

Platform covering the popular contents to kids! Weekly update new contents!

      • ToMokids Island
      • ToMoKids TV
      • ToMoKids Books

Best Animation

Watch popular animations

      • Frozen
      • Pororo the racing adventure
      • Secrete Ju Ju
      • Tobot

Character Video Call

Video calling with my favorite characters! Bonus to learn good life-habits!

      • Pororo Call
      • Robocarpoli Call
      • CoCoMong Call

Character AppBook

Joint popular characters and kids education! Funny learning with my favorite characters!

      • Korean Language King CoCoMong
      • Math Ling CoCoMong
      • Jadoo is math genius
      • Magic Chinese Characters

Learning AppBook

Offers a lively education content such as English, encyclopedia nature, classic fairy tales, etc.

      • Dinosaur Island
      • Little Phonics / Smart Phonics
      • Preschool
      • Classic Fairy Tales