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Character Video Call

Smart Learning

Character Video Call

Video call service children talking and playing with favorite characters

Pororo Call 


  • Interesting & various topics : Conversation with various topics from anniversary and learning good life-habits
  • Look & Talk : Learn good speaking and life habits while to look and say
  • Easy Video call : Same UX with normal video call
  • Touch and Play : Play of numbers and musical instruments (e.g. piano, xylophone, percussion, etc.)
  • Receiving call by setting topic and time by oneself

Robocarpoli Call


  • Video call with rescue team in town of Vrooms : Funny video call with Poli, Amber, Helly and Roy, etc.
  • Call to rescue team when children acting up, whining, not sleeping and needing praise for good job!
  • Tell good life-habits : Friends in Vrooms tome tells good life-habits, such as reading, washing, eating evenly and excising, etc.

CoCoMong Call


  • Video calling with CoCoMong and his friends, Aromy, Candypand, and Virousking, etc.
  • Exciting dancing & singing with CoCoMong’s friends
  • Full funny CoCoMong animations from CoCoMong Season 1 to Hello! CoCoMong