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Learning AppBook

Smart Learning

Learning AppBook

In conjunction with the parent reliable offline book, it offers learning App which can improve the efficiency of the children learning. It has researched to provide an effective learning than offline books by fully leveraging the advantage of smart phone.

Dinosaur Island 


  • Classified dinosaur by feeding habit and ages to be able to learn about dinosaurs systematically
  • Enable iterative learning through dynamic and realistic configuration of dinosaur object
  • Enable to reach to dinosaur friendly via plays using dinosaur
  • Offer ‘Baby dinosaur Buddy’ VOD

Phonics Land 


  • Complete pack of English learning courses of infants and children
  • Offer more than 100 interactive content
  • Offer the goal of step-by-step learning according to English learning level
  • With a rich illustration and artwork that will grow the imagination of children, it is possible to learn English while playing fun a



  • App service of a popular American textbook sold more than 1.2 millions
  • Designed so that children finished the course of phonics is able to study grammar as well vocabulary of American preschool curriculum
  • Learn frequently used words while writing a diary, and add the fun of learning through colorful images and dynamic pages
  • Offer video lectures together

Classic Fairy Tales 


  • AppBook including more than 80 must-read classic fair tales
  • Interactive content of moving character when child touches
  • Play instrument sounds enabling infants to have interest