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5G Systems

UA-SDN (UANGEL-Software Defined Network)

SDN (Service Defined Network) is a new approach to design, build and manage networks by separating network’s control plane and data forward plane and using open network and virtualization technologies. The standardization of SDN technologies is led by ONF (Open Network Foundation) consortium, and it separates and controls the data forward plane and control planes via OpenFlow protocols defined by ONF.  SDN is an essential technology for maintaining stable quality of data service and configuring service-oriented network in mobile market which is rapidly increasing large volume of data transmission.

UA-SDN is a network solution based on open network architecture which consists of OpenFlow-based switch, SDN controller and SDN application. By introducing UA-SDN, it is possible to escape from the dependency of specific network vendors and manage network resources efficiently.



Features and Key functions

•  Compatible with various switches supporting OpenFlow
•  SDN controller with redundancy
•  Diverse SDN applications (e.g. network monitoring, Load balancer, etc.)
•  Intuitive UI/UX enabling centralized management



•  Secure the network compatibility based on standard architecture
•  Reduce network CAPEX escaping from product dependency
•  Reduce network OPEX by using open protocols and centralized management
•  Efficient maintenance environment against network failures



•  Korean ICT Ministry : National strategic project “Development of distributed architecture mobile core network based on open control”