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Convergence Billing System

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Convergence Billing System

As IP network technology spreads all over the world, communications service providers have begun to focus on the convergence vision with which they can support any requirements that customers seek, including in terms of contents, network, and device. To realize such a convergence vision, mobile communications service providers are seeking to transform themselves into Triple/Quadruple Play Service (TPS/QPS) providers who can deliver an integrated service of wired telephone service, VoIP telephone service, high-speed Internet service, and IPTV service–moving far beyond existing mobile services. To accommodate this change, a communications service provider should restructure and simplify the service provision structure to one structured to meet customer requirements. To support this requirement technically, it is essential to build a convergence billing solution.

A convergence billing system provides functionality in terms of enabling the development of complex products and differentiated marketing for target customers, preventing profit leaks through putting in place a real-time billing service, and integrating customer management based on consistent references. With these functions, communications service providers can build a flexible and efficient infrastructure at a reasonable and affordable cost, reducing the time taken to develop new products, and improving management and marketing functions. Therefore, the convergence billing system can contribute to sales revenue growth.



Features and Key functions
• Provides total billing services for heterogeneous networks and various services
• Real-time charging engine
• Flexible product design
• Integrated customer management function
• Supports the international standard protocols
• Powerful business analysis (CRM/BI)
• Supports smooth interworking among heterogeneous systems and SoA-based middleware


• Ensures an integrated software platform for executing the TPS/QPS business
  – Accommodates various services (voice, data, and multimedia contents) and heterogeneous networks
     (wired/wireless communication networks, IPTV, and VoIP)
• Quick response to the market situation
   – Provides packaged function modules and tailored customization
• Provides high-quality services at low maintenance cost
   – Allows small-and mid-size and new communications service providers to build a convergence billing
      system at low initial investment
   – Adds the systems and functions according to business growing


UNITEL / Mongolia : Won a contract of a project to deploy new convergence billing system in 2012