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IMS Systems

UA-eMBMS (UANGEL evolved Multimedia Broadcasting & Multicasting System)

3GPP-defined (the collaboration for international standardization) eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broad casting & Multi casting Service) is the broadcasting technology for the next-generation wireless communication network that can most efficiently distribute broadcasting contents to users. It uses IP multicast technology to transfer broadcasting contents to those LTE devices on the LTE network which allows high-speed packet data transfer.

(The DMB mobile broadcasting service, the most popular mobile TV technology, uses the frequency band separated from that of the mobile communication service and simply implement the modules such as separate DMB  chipset to the device.)

As mobile operators in the world are evolving to the LTE network, the multimedia service is becoming an important killer service. Among various multimedia services, eMBMS-which allows service providers to manage the services actively-will be one of the key systems for service providers.

UANGEL develops the MBMS Gateway where the 3GPP and OMA eMBMS/BCAST standards have been applied and BM-SC (Broadcasting & Multicasting Service Center) system to provide mobile multimedia service to multiple or certain subscribers on the LTE network.



Features and Key functions
• 3GPP eMBMS and OMA BCAST standard-based system, interworking with LTE/IMS systems
• User registration and authentication
• Service and user information management
• Broadcasting content information guide Streaming data transfer
• Multicast session scheduling
• Service and contents protection
• Billing


• Allows mobile communication service provider-driven mobile broadcasting business
• Uses limited wireless resources in the most efficient way when compared to other mobile TV technology
• Delivers a mobile broadcasting service to vast numbers of subscribers, without the need for core network
   expansion, due to broadcast and multicast technologies
• Delivers personalization service
• Delivers powerful service channels to the multimedia contents providers
• Delivers various additional services including Ultra-HDTV service