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IMS Systems

UA-IM-SSF (UANGEL-IP Multimedia-Service Switch Function)

The current most mobile telecommunication service providers is evolving from the existing 2G/3G network to the 4G network (LTE/IMS). With the switch to the 4G network, it must provide the services provided through existing 2G/3G networks to the IP-based LTE/IMS network. Therefore, additional investment is likely to incur due to the addition of functions to existing service systems or new systems, resulting in an effect on the other core network systems.

The IM-SSF system works as a gateway between the existing 2G/3G networks and the IMS network, allowi ng WIN/IN service to the 4G users without changing 4G IMS systems or the 2G/3G systems.



Features and Key functions
• A gateway between the 4G IMS network and the 2G/3G Intelligent Network system
• Delivers the 2G/3G intelligent network services to the LTE/IMS users
• Logic-based protocol conversion
• Supports the plug-in type multiple protocol stack and adaptor
• Traffic overload control
• High-availabilit


• Reduces the investment for network evolution by reusing the existing services
• Reduces OPEX by providing existing services over heterogeneous networks
• Minimizes the effects from legacy systems