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IMS Systems

UA-M2MSG (UANGEL-M2M Service Gateway) :  MTC-IWF

UA-M2MSG (M2M Service Gateway) is to replay trigger request messages of M2M devices between mobile core network nodes and M2M cloud server located at external network. Currently, 3GPP is standardizing MTC-IWF (Machine Type Communication – InterWorking Function) to interconnect between mobile core network and MTC server (M2M service server). UA-M2MSG is MTC-IWF.

UA-M2MSG provides not only the basic functions of MTC-IWF defined by 3GPP but also M2M service orchestration and blending based on SLEE, which enables to apply various M2M business models.



Features and Key functions

•  3GPP standards compliant
•  Message conversion between M2M standard protocols and non-standard protocols
•  Real time triggering between M2M devices
•  Protocol conversion based on rules and policy
•  M2M service orchestration and blending based on SLEE
•  M2M oriented charging and policy



•  Deploy M2M service network by leveraging legacy network nodes
•  Protect mobile core network by topology hiding function (M2M service server cannot directly connect with mobile core network nodes.)
•  Create various business models via service orchestration and blending
•  Fast time-to-market
•  Reduce CAPEX and OPEX



•  Telkomsel / Indonesia : Supplied M2M Service Gateway