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UA-Service Broker

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UA-Service Broker

As the network evolves, mobile operators are focusing on service migration policy to prevent subscriber churn and maximize existing resources. As multiple communication service providers operate 2G, 3G, and  4G (LTE/IMS) networks simultaneously, UANGEL Service Broker (UA-SB) delivers an independent integrated service environment for heterogeneous network environments. It allows service providers to provide various services to 2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers without changing the legacy systems.

UA-SB provides the flexible architecture that allows to accept various functions, such as IM-SSF, R-IM-SSF, IN Trigger, OCS Broker, Web gateway, according to the environment of telecommunication network .

Features and Key functions

• Application- and network-independent structure
• User identification through user profile data analysis
• User-customized service
• Provides multiple services as an integrated service
• SLEE (Service Logic Execution Environment)-based framework
• Real-time Service Orchestration & Blending



• Reduces investment by reusing the services of the existing network for advanced network users
• Blocks the effects from the existing system as the network evolves
• Delivers personalized services for enhanced customer satisfaction and competitiveness
• Accommodates portal service with the Web gateway open API
• Applies various additional services easily