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Biz Messaging Solution

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Biz Messaging Solution

The Biz Messaging solution allows enterprise customers to deliver a huge amount of SMS and MMS traffic and services in an easy and simple manner.

The Biz Messaging solution delivers web-based authoring tools so that enterprise customers can send large-capacity messages with various templates and customer address books online, without requiring to install additional program on their PCs.

For enterprise customers who manage customer information DB, installing the DB Agent module enables the synchronization of customer information with the Biz Messaging Address Book.



Features and Key functions
• Various transmission channels: Web, PC Client, Excel Messenger, Agent
• Web-based authoring tool
• Spam filtering
• Blacklist management
• Sets and distributes the call delivery policy


• Opportunity to sell large-capacity messages to enterprise customers
• Opportunity to run Biz message reseller business


SK Telink / Korea :  MMS
SK Broadband / Korea : SMS/MMS