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Messaging Systems


IP-SM GW System is a messaging gateway that integrates 2G and 3G network messaging services with the 4G network  messaging service.

Using the IP-SM GW solution, the messaging service can be interworked between heterogeneous networks through the network solution without changing the core network systems.



Features and Key functions
• Interworks with the LTE network and the legacy 2G/3G network (SS7)
• Interworks with the legacy messaging system (SMSC/MMSC)
• Interworks with the LTE network nodes such as RCS AS/CSCF
• Supports IMS–related protocols such as CPIM/IMDN/MSRP/SIP
• SIP/CPIM and SIGTRAN/MAP message conversion


• Ensures continuity of SMS sales in the 4G network
• Delivers the existing SMS-specific message service to the LTE device users
   (ex: CF SMS, marketing SMS, SMS MO, and enterprise SMS etc.)


SK Telecom / Korea
YTL for WiMAX / Malaysia