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Messaging VAS Solution

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Messaging VAS Solution


  • Mobile IM (Instant Messenger) Solution

    Mobile IM solution is an integrated communication solution that allows users to use various communication services and contents sharing with smart devices.
    This solution makes possible next- generation mobile operator-based messaging services in IP network.



    Main Features and Functions

    • Address book-based service                                                          • Share my picture
    • Phone number and e-Mail address ID service                          • Push-to-Talk service
    • 1:1/group chatting service                                                             • Supported OS: Android, iOS
    • File sharing : image, voice, video


    LG Electronics RealTalk (LGE’s smart phone embedded application)
    KT Olleh Talk

  • SMS-to-IM Solution

    This is the receiving-party subscription service that allows users to receive the SMS and MMS messages sent to handheld devices simultaneously to PC-running instant messengers (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc.).
    The message window displayed on the PC screen is familiar to the users and the users can send and receive messages like chatting with the other users through the PC, not the handheld devices.
    As it deploys a chatting service scenario using PC keyboard input, it requires larger SMS traffic than existing SMS services. Thus, mobile operators can achieve a chance to generate higher profit.


    Main Features and Functions
    • Subscription service
    • Sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages through the PC instant messenger


    SK Telecom, KT, LG U+ / Korea

  • SMS-to-SNS Solution

    This solution allows 2G/3G users to interwork with Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, iChat, and Mobile Me (Jabber / XMPP-based IMs) through SMS.
    It enables feature phone users to use Twitter, Facebook, and chatting services through SMS, without installing social media and IM applications.
    Mobile operators can get a chance to expand the messaging sales profit with this service.



    Main Features and Functions