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Messaging Systems

U-PUSH : Smart Push Solution

As mobile users are changing their communication channels according to widespread of smart phones and mobile messenger service, enterprises are gradually changing the transmission channels of marketing message from SMS to push message. Common use cases of push message are notification of messenger, invitation of friend by SNS-based games and marketing messages. These push messages are normally delivered by public push message via Google GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) and Apple APNS (Apple Push Notification Service). However, the public push messages have several problems such as non-guaranteed message delivery, limited volume of simultaneous outgoing messages and statistics reports. Therefore, public offices and enterprises are gradually increasing the introduction of private push services which enable to guarantee the delivery of message and in-depth reporting.

U-PUSH solution is an advanced push messaging solution that guarantees real-time delivery of push messages customized to smart phone users and provides result of message delivery such as reception rate, interaction rate, and the analysis report of user’s interaction, etc. In Addition, U-PUSH provides a web-based editor tool of rich push message that allows enterprise’s marketing staff to create push messages easily and rapidly and then transmit the differentiated push messages to customers.





Features and Key functions

•  Transmit direct push message : to Android smart device users
•  Guarantee the delivery of message : when it fails to deliver direct push message, it delivers public push message (via GCM, APNS) and SMS message in order
•  Rich push message support : text, image, video clip, etc.
•  Web-based intuitive push message editor tool supported
•  In-depth statistics reports
•  Open API interworking with legacy enterprise’s customer database (e.g. Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, etc.)



•  Improve customer service by guaranteed push message deliver
•  Strengthen marketing effect by rich push messages
•  Utilize the analysis result of U-PUSH message delivery and user’s interactions to build marketing strategies
•  Reduce SMS cost for marketing and notification


Target Customers / Use Cases

•  Financial companies (banks, securities, insurance, credit card, etc.) : notification of financial transaction, announcement, etc.
•  Public offices and agencies : notification of complaint process, public announcement, etc.
•  Online shopping malls : notification of product purchase or delivery, etc.
•  Game companies : friend invitation message, notification of event, etc.
•  Department store, restaurants : notification of event, coupons, Ad of new products, etc.