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ApplicationStore Platform

UANGEL Application Store Platform is a total application store solution that covers registration (Seller Lounge), distribution and administration (Admin), and selling (Store) of an application with its open API.

UANGEL Application Store Platform is a content integrated store that supports the management/distribution of various contents, including music, video, e-book, and animation etc, as well as applications. In addition, it delivers powerful and easy to use management and operation for best-in-class services at minimum oper ators.

The service provider (SP) can build an SP-driven ecosystem with UANGEL Application Store Platform and CP and application developers can have new business chances.



Features and Key functions
• Simple user interface (One-stop solution from information query, download, to installation)
• Recommends products through customer data analysis
• Recommends useful and interesting contents by subject
• Various product configuration (discount, bundle)
• In-App Purchase with the self-security function
• Product Preview and C2DM Test allows SPs to keep the product quality and minimize the customer
• Flexible calculating ratio setting (segmented by Period, Seller, Content)
• Displays various products by country and market


• Quick service open through a total solution
• Supplies various contents (applications, music, video, e-Book, and animation) through interworking
   with the external markets
• Activates services at the initial stage by connecting with the SNS service as well as Application store
   marketing channel
• Minimize operation cost by content review and customer VOC transfer
• Diversifies services through multi-store configuration


LG Electronics, LG Smart World / KOREA