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U-Talk / Enterprise SNS

According to Korean media marketing company’s report “Korean Mobile Messenger Usage Pattern and Dependence” released in 2H 2014, 90.8% of smartphone users are using “mobile messenger” App as a mobile communication message platform and the proportion of 30s and 40s users has reached 90.7% and 75.7%. The most frequently used function of mobile messenger next to “chatting” is “content sharing”, and its proportion is 94.9%. Thus, mobile messenger becomes an essential communication channel to smartphone users, and this usage pattern has been directly applied to company life. However, in case of mobile messenger for individual users, the information of personal acquaintance and corporate personnel are mixed in address book, and especially, it also has a critical problem in security maintenance since corporates’ important information or documents are stored in messenger server via content sharing. To solve these problems, cases of introducing enterprise messenger around public offices and large companies are increasing.

U-Talk is an enterprise mobile IM solution that provides not only basic functions of IM such as chatting and file sharing, but also company-oriented functions such as interworking with enterprise legacy systems, address management based on company organization, and powerful security for safe and efficient business communication and collaboration.




Features and Key functions

•  Enterprise-oriented functions
–  Integrated management of sign up and log in by enterprise SSO (Single Sign On) server
–  Indicate whether each employee installs U-Talk messenger or not
–  Independent work process and management for partners and outsourcing staffs
•  Powerful security
–  Complete deletion of outgoing messages (Enable to delete them from received devices)
–  Copy and capture prohibition of message in chatting room
–  Encapsulation of personnel information in address book
•  Interwork with enterprise infrastructure
–  Automatic synchronization of personnel list by interworking with enterprise organization system
–  Interwork with enterprise cloud server for sharing enterprise secure files or documents
•  Specific functions
–  Indicate whether user reads message or not
–  Compulsory exit of specific participants from chatting room (Chief’s sole authority)
–  Limited authority per different type of user (e.g. chief, employee, partners, outsourcing staffs, etc.



•  Strengthen business communication
–  Real time communication (1:1, group) between employees or partners
–  Enable seamless communication channel
•  Ensure security
–  Prevent confidential information from flowing out to external server
–  Strengthen security by security-dedicated viewer and interworking with enterprise cloud server
•  Systematic management of knowledge
–  Expand communication and build the environment of knowledge convergence
–  More practical and efficient knowledge sharing and centralization



  SK Telecom / Korea : Supplied enterprise SNS solution