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N-Screen Platform

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N-Screen Platform

N-Screen Platform delivers N-Screen service environment that allows users to use multimedia contents such as music and video on various devices (PC, Smart-Phone, Tablet, TV, and WEB) anywhere, anytime.

In order to provide the optimum contents, the N-Screen platform encodes the contents to the resolution optimized for the pre-specified device specifications. In addition, it delivers the optimum contents to users based on the network conditions in order to minimize buffering.

Moreover, it delivers a “One Source & Multi Use” function that can play the multimedia contents owned by the user on several devices by using sharing technology such as UPnP and DLNA.



Features and Key functions
• Supports various user channels: IPTV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Web, PC Client
• Encodes contents at the resolution optimized to the device specification
• Adaptive bit rate streaming
• Supports content download & streaming
• Content sharing through UPnP/DLNA
• Meta data-based enhanced content search
• Provides Content Matching service
   – Automatically uploads the purchased content to the Cloud.
      When there is a same content on the Cloud, DB, uploads the meta-data only
  – Matching is available as uploading the contents personally owned by users


• PaaS(Platform as a Serivce) environment allowing mobile operator-driven service business
• Minimizes the operating costs by interworking with the external CMS with the content registration
   management function (interworking with the external contents and large-capacity upload)
• Controls the transfer rate on the network in real time according to the network conditions for efficient
   resource management
• Adjusts the contents resolution based on the device specification in order to enhance customer satisfaction
• Efficiently uses the network resources with the content matching function, reducing CAPEX and OPEX


LG Electronics / Korea : Supplied and operated the platform and client to LG SmartWorld
IMX / Japan : Supplied OTT service system