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Personalized RBT Solution

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Personalized RBT Solution

The RBT (Ring Back Tone) service plays various sound contents, such as music and messages to the calling party, rather than using existing ring tones. The RBT service was launched for the first time in the world by SK Telecom in 2002 and it has penetrated far into the world market. A user can simply express his/her identity and the Contents Providers and mobile operators can also benefit from the new opportunity to gain new profit.

With the proven experience and technology of its RBT solution supplied to more than 10 mobile operators in the world, UANGEL is delivering its best-in-class RBT solution.



Features and Key functions

• Efficient content management
• Personalized contents configuration: by user, time, date.
• Enterprise RBT (BizRing)
• Advertisement RBT (AdRing)
• Supports various marketing tools (Campaign, Coupon etc.)
• Reporting & Analytics Delivers integrated monitoring
• Fast integration and service
• Delivers APIs for 3rd party systems
• Multi-language supported
• Various user channels supported : App, Web, WAP and Facebook, etc.





• Provides new business chances
  – Invites new subscriptions and prevents subscriber churn by providing various and differentiated services
  – Delivers new competitiveness to service providers
• Creates new profit
  – Delivers various profit earning chances to SP and CP
  – Increases profitability through air charge of voice and data
  – ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) evaluation
• Enhances user satisfaction
• Easy to manage the service with the best quality



DTAC / Thailand
CELCOM / Malaysia
SKYTEL / Mongolia
UNITEL / Mongolia
TIM / Italia
TIM / Brazil
Oi / Brazil
 NTC, Vladivostok / Russia