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U-PMS (Proximity Marketing Solution)

U-PMS is a next-generation marketing platform to provide product information to smartphone-using customers at a suitable time and place by combination of the push notification technique and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as short-range communication technique as a most effective marketing channel.

U-PMS provides web-based marketing management solution that enables to push marketing messages such as Ad, coupon and event news with various formats (e.g. text, image, and video clip) to customers who locate in or nearby store by using the location positioning technologies. Enterprise is able to create rich push message easily and conveniently and check various visit statistics reports per hour, day and user by leveraging marketing management platform. Also, U-PMS provides SDK which can be easily plugged-into enterprise App.




Features and Key functions

•  In-door positioning based on Beacon and WiFi technologies
•  Easy creation of rich push message by leveraging web editor
•  Set various conditions of marketing support : per user, hour and day, etc.
•  Guarantee the delivery of push message : U-PUSH message technology
•  In-depth and diverse statistics report support : e.g. rate of message delivery, customer visit, response, and App retention, etc.
•  Easy integration : Easy plug-in for enterprise App by using U-PMS SDK



•  Offer delicate marketing to customers locating nearby or in store
•  Attract customers nearby shop
•  Differentiated marketing by using multimedia content-based rich push messages
•  Reduce marketing cost : Lower cost compared to SMS
•  Utilize statistics reports on user’s usage pattern to build marketing strategies


Use Cases