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Video Contact Center

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Video Contact Center

The changes of user’s smart device usage pattern, according to ICT technology innovation and smart devices wide-spread, required new change to ICT market.
Contact center also needs to change to suit such a flow.

Current contact centers usually provide voice counseling, but customers want more intuitive and personalized communication by using multimedia channels, such as video, image and text. The solution that meets the customer’s new demand is video contact center solution.

In Korea, video contact center was introduced first in government offices, banks, and telecom operators where a customer service is one of the major works. Especially, as an equal right of web accessibility had become more important, video contact center for the hearing-impaired or disabled has been adopted around the government offices.
Also, banks have established the smart branch well-equipped with new ICT technologies including video contact center to reduce OPEX and to enhance competitiveness.

For the first time in the Korean financial industry, UANGEL video contact center solution was commercialized allowing PC to mobile communication as well as PC to PC. Video contact center enables to improve business productivity of customer service, reduce CAPEX & OPEX, and provide high-quality counselling service. Additionally, video contact center solution can be utilized in various businesses such as translation and guidance for foreign tourists, or online video education combining multimedia contents.



Features and Key functions
• Video call: Face-to-face communication makes customer service smoother and more trustworthy and enables sign language service for the hearing-impaired.
• Real-time content sharing: It synchronizes product catalogues, application form and webpage on smart device screen in real time.
• Chat: It enables chatting with customer during counseling or separately.
• Whiteboard on screen: It enables writing on the shared screen with various visual effects
• Record: It records video and voice conversation.

• High-quality customer services – Customers can get a professional counseling service at local branch or home.
• Improving productivity of customer service – Local branches can provide a professional service to local area customers via centralized video contact center service.
• Reducing CAPEX / OPEX for contact center – Enterprise can reduce operating cost because it doesn’t need to dispatch professional managers to all branches through unmanned contact center booth.
• Increasing revenue – Efficient and professional counselling increases further subscription and product sales.
• New business opportunities – Managed video contact center services to enterprise customers.
• Enhancing the corporate image – New ICT technology leader in the industry & Positive image by strengthening service accessibility

IBK / Korea: Launched the first Korean Video Contact center solution for mobile and PC in financial industry