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Success Stories

Success Stories


Essential Signling Control System for Charging & Authentication
 – Telkomsel

DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) is to control and manage effectively the traffic of Diameter which is essential protocol for charging and authentication in 3G and 4G network.


Convergence Billing System for QPS business – Unitel

Convergence Billing enables UNITEL to manage integrated billing and customer management of IPTV, VoIP, broadband internet as well as mobile business.


High-capacity SCP system – Telkomsel

By deploying high-capacity SCP system covering 57milion prepaid subscribers in a short time without service interruption, Telkomsel successfully completed…


Fixed & Mobile Convergence Billing System – KT

By introducing UANGEL I-SCP system with the functions of real-time limit management and fix & mobile charging, KT enables the integrated management of  fixed…


Global RBT ASP Business – dtac & TIM

By providing ASP model based on RBT turn solution to mobile carrier who is preparing RBT service, it enables to share customer’s risks and to perform RBT business successfully.


Business Partner for new mobile operator – Skytel

By providing mobile VAS turn-solution and service consulting / operation to new mobile operator, Skytel enables to realize soft-landing of mobile business.