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Fixed & Mobile Convergence Billing System

Fixed & Mobile Convergence Billing System


By introducing UANGEL I-SCP system with the functions of real-time limit management and fix & mobile charging, KT enables the integrated management of  fixed and mobile prepaid subscribers.


About Customer KT ( www.kt.co.kr )
Since its establishment in 1981, KT has expanded its wired telecommunication market and built infrastructure for nation-wide high-quality communication services.
In 2002, KT was privatized and focused on the rollout of ultra-high-speed Internet network, contributing to the popularization of ultra-high-speed Internet service.
In 2009, KT and KTF merged and KT expanded its business areas to the mobile communication service.
Now, KT is doing its best to be a global leader in the convergence of voice and data, wired and wireless, and communication and broadcasting with its world top-class service and technology.
Challenge With rapidly evolving network and communication, one of the most essential functions in the era of convergence of voice and data, wired and wireless, and communication and broadcasting, is real-time billing and control of the services within the specified limit.
However, in the existing KT prepaid service, the systems and DB were separated by service, requiring development and change of several systems for new services.
In addition, the main paradigm of customer service has been converted from prepaid to limit control, and then to the hybrid environment covering both of prepaid and postpaid.
Hence, KT needed an integrated service and system which could handle all customers’ needs.
Solution UANGEL proposed the real-time limit control and prepaid processing billing system, ISCP (Integrated Service Control Point) for the following benefits.- To support fast prepaid product release by integrating all DB for wired/wireless
   prepaid service and building the systematic billing account system- To use the decision-making for service priority based on the organized service

Based on the ISCP system, KT was able to integrate all existing Intelligent Network subscribers into a large capacity system and support various services and protoco ls.
Subsequently, KT has upgraded its system to a high – capacity scalable system through performance enhancement and evolution.
UANGEL and KT will closely collaborate for more evolved and efficient Intelligent Network system.