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Diameter signaling control system for 3G/4G charging


DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) is to control and manage Diameter traffic effectively which is an essential protocol for charging and authentication in 3G and 4G network.


About Customer Telkomsel ( http://www.telkomsel.com )
Telkomsel is the No.1 mobile communication service provider in Indonesia and started its GMS-based 2G mobile communication service in 1995. Telekomsel has about 130 million subscribers in December 2014 and now delivers 3G service to millions of subscribers.
Challenge Telkomsel needed the differentiated and various charging policies in order to expand existing users’ switchover to smartphone and attract new subscribers to LTE service which would be commercialized at the end of 2014. For this purpose, Telkomsel decided to introduce DRA system, which is an essential network node to control and manage Diameter traffic to provide a variety of charging services such as the subdivided charging of 3G and 4G, service policy control, and integrated charging, etc. and sent RFI to DRA vendors on August 2013.
It had been tested technical evaluation targeting global DRA professional vendors in August 2014, and UANGEL was selected as the final supplier.
Solution UANGEL took a part in the DRA RFP evaluation based on the outcome of the deployment of large-capacity prepaid billing system in Telkomsel and over 10-year experience in mobile business in Indonesia. Eight global solution providers including UANGEL had been participated in RFP, and UANGEL, Ericsson, and F5 Networks were selected through the evaluation of the RFP.  UANGEL ranked for the first place in the performance test of the system (PoC : Proof of Concept) and selected as the final supplier.Unlike competitors proposed hardware-centric system for performance improvement, UANGEL proposed software-centric system in universal hardware that enables to change functions and policy quickly and flexibly. Therefore, UANGEL could apply Telkomsel’s requirements that had occurred in the course of technical evaluation quickly and completely in comparison with other competitors.  By introducing UANGEL DRA solution, Telkomsel could expect to reduce CAPEX and OPEX of mobile network by controlling and managing Diameter traffic effectively, which will increase proportionally with the explosion of mobile data traffic, and to improve the quality of service by implementing a variety of charging policies with minimization of network load.
Others UANGEL projects continuously to supply additional DRA system through successful operation of Telkomsel DRA system and expand the business to new customers as well as existing customers based on the reference of Telkomsel. In addition, UANGEL will try to create new business opportunities through a partnership with domestic or overseas equipment manufacturers.