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Core Competitiveness

Company Overview

Core Competitiveness

Excellent Wired and Wireless Technologies

UANGEL has core technologies of mobile services such as developing technology of 2G/3G/4G mobile service core systems (Wireless Intelligent Network(WIN), Billing, Messaging, Service Broker, etc.), wireless internet technology, IP protocol technology, developing technology of open OS (iOS, Android, etc) based applications, and contents Management / delivery technology.
Thanks to its core technologies, UANGEL has continued to develop various mobile VAS, smart device applications, and service platforms.
Also, UANGEL provides solutions for mobile operators to lead the market by developing products and services according to the product development roadmap keeping pace with changes of new technology trends and new standard technologies of international standardization organizations such as 3GPP, OMA, and IETF.


Rich Overseas Business Experiences and Customization Capability

Since 2000, UANGEL has been developing overseas markets through providing mobile solutions to more than 20 mobile operators around the world.
Its success in this arena means that approximately 50% of total sales are currently generated in overseas markets.
UANGEL is strengthening its experience through operating commercial systems across the various networks of its overseas mobile operators, from 2G (GSM, CDMA) and 3G (W-CDMA, CDMA 1x) to 4G (LTE, IMS) network.
That UANGEL has been able to secure its position in overseas markets so successfully is down to its ability to customize and supply optimized products and services that match the business environments and needs of its various customers.
UANGEL has established branches in America, Europe and South-East Asia, and is working hard to provide the best services to overseas customers.


Providing Customer-Oriented Business Models

UANGEL has formed ASP (Application Service Provider) partner ships with overseas operators and is providing them with mobile VAS solutions, based on experience and technologies accumulated by performing various ASP projects for many years collaborating with Korean mobile market.
ASP is a business model in which hardware, software and network are leased, operated and managed, with the resultant profits then shared.
The ASP business model is the optimum business model for new operators that lack mobile business experience, or for operators that face a burden of cost and risk in new services.


Development of Future-Oriented Products and Creation of Customer Value

UANGEL has set a roadmap of product and service development keeping pace with the developing ICT market and technologies such as network evolution, market changes and international standard activities and it is developing new products and services according to the development strategies.
UANGEL develops and provides in-time convergence service solutions appropriate for wired/wireless convergence environment, new applications for diffusion of smart devices, and core infra structure systems essential for network evolution such as 4G and IMS.
By leading the market with development of such products, UANGEL enables customers to stably create new value, and UANGEL itself can establish firm environment for sustained growth.


Providing Total Services

UANGEL not only develops products based on state-of-the-art technical skills, but also provides customized total services optimized towards satisfying customers’ needs in new business consulting, planning, development, establishment and operation, based on broad domestic and overseas market reference and rich ASP business operation experiences.
For clients to carry forward new services and businesses in the rapidly changing markets and technologies, there is a need for a business partner with many experiences over business processes such as objective preliminary review of business value, supply of products optimized for network environment, effective marketing and stable service operations.
UANGEL is performing the role of a partner who provides total services that can guarantee success in businesses of clients.