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Company Overview



UANGEL is the nation’s largest company specializing in mobile core network system and mobile VAS solutions, and has provided key solutions and market-leading services for leading overseas mobile operators as well as all Korean mobile operators since its foundation in 1999. UANGEL has positioned itself as an unrivaled mobile solution company in the Korean market, a test bed for mobile networks worldwide, which provides the first state-of-the-art mobile technology and services across a nationwide network. It has also successfully developed its position in global markets through its excellent technologies and sales capacity that it has accumulated in the Korean market.

UANGEL has operated in Southeast Asia markets for over ten years, starting with Mongolia in 2001, subsequently expanding in 2005 across markets in North America, South America and Middle East and, from 2010, across those in Europe and further areas of South America too, thereby providing solutions for mobile operators all over the world.

Based on its accumulated technologies and service operation know-how, UANGEL provides business models for not only system providers but also ASPs, forming a stable profit structure in symbiotic relationships with businesses.

Also, keeping pace with changing market trends, such as the diffusion of smart devices, network evolution, and service convergence, UANGEL will lead the next-generation mobile market by reinforcing its current business in developing next-generation solutions, while also establishing the smart-phone application business as a new core business area to provide optimum solutions and services for mobile operators in the 4G convergence era.