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IMS Systems

UA-ISC (UANGEL-Integrated Signaling Controller) :  DRA, DEA, IWF

Recently, mobile network operators are focusing on offering various value-added services and differentiated charging policies.  This complicates the traffic management related to charging and increases the traffic continuously.  To solve this problems, 3GPP, international standard organization of mobile technologies, standardized DRA (Diameter Routing Agent).

UA-ISC (Integrated Signaling Controller) basically provides DRA, DEA, IWF functions defined by 3GPP, and the policy management of routing and overload control, message conversion based on GUI.

UA-ISC is a signaling control solution which allows systems using Diameter protocol to communicate each other stably, reliably and efficiently.  UA-ISC provides the integrated service environment that operates services independently from various network environments without changing legacy systems to most mobile network operators operating multiple generations of network such as 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE).




Features and Key functions

•  International standards compliant : IETF, 3GPP, GSMS
•  Functionality of DRA, DEA (Diameter Edges Agent) and IWF (Interworking Function)
•  HSS & OCS address resolution
•  Routing multiple protocols (e.g. Diameter, Radius, HTTP, LDAP) and message conversion
•  Routing and load balancing based on policy
•  Overload control based on policy
•  Easy transformation of message via DQL (Diameter Query Language)
•  GUI-based Configuration of routing policy



•  Improve signaling network scalability with a centralized routing architecture
•  Remove dependency between heterogeneous vendor’s nodes by the message conversion function
•  Reduce the costs for provisioning, maintenance and interoperability test
•  Simplify interconnection architecture between local networks
•  Maximize reusability of existing network nodes by interoperability of protocols between heterogeneous networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G



Telkomsel / Indonesia : Supplied DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) solution