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Next Generation IN Systems


Intelligent Network (IN) is an architecture that allows a communications service provider to deploy and add new services to its wired/wireless communication network without changing other devices and systems. With this IN system, communications service providers can easily and quickly implement additional services (e.g. converting a call, blocking incoming calls, and checking incoming calls not received) and various plans (e.g. plan by age group, promotion plan, and location-based plan) without affecting other core network systems.

Online Charging System (OCS) is a real time billing system for 3G/LTE communication service users, defined by 3GPP international standards. OCS is the advanced system to provide an unified rating both postpaid and prepaid service. UANGEL’s OCS system provides a flexible, real-time, and integrated prepaid / deferred billing function and a flexible scalability, deploying an IMS service provider’s various plan requirements and marketing promotions in an easier and faster way.




Features and Key functions

• Allows easy service development with the rule-based engine (Time to Market)
• Provides various front-end-servers by protocol, such as SCP and IMS-GWF, allowing single system-based
   convergence services in all types of communication networks including 2G, 3G, and LTE as well as the wired
• Supports the standard SIGTRAN interworking for call processing
• Supports the standard SIP interworking for VoIP and VoLTE call processing
• Supports standard diameter interworking for subscriber’s profile query and charging



• Provides various services to 2G, 3G, and 4G (LTE) subscribers in an integrated way
• Provides all limit-based plans
• Implements a charging rule-based system that allows a product planner to design plans easily as well
   as a system engineer
• Attracts new customers and prevents customer churn by providing various marketing/promotion plans
   easily and quickly



Mobile Communications Service Providers
SK Telecom / Korea : Supplied IN systems (SCP, SDP, IP), OCS, and MRF
KT / Korea : Supplied  KT IN OCS (ISCP) and MRF
Skytel / Mongolia :  Supplied  IN systems (SCP, SDP, IP)
UNITEL / Mongolia : Supplied  IN systems (SCP, SDP, IP), OCS
Telkom Flexi / Indonesia : Supplied  IN SCP system

Wired Communications Service Providers
SK Broadband / Korea : Supplied  IN systems
ONSE Telecom / Korea : Supplied  IN systems