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Next Generation IN Systems

UA-PCC (UANGEL Policy and Charging Control)

With the spread of smart devices, the dominant service paradigm is changing from voice-call services to that of  data. To respond to this change, effective  data traffic management is becoming a key issue facing mobile operators.

The UA-PCC solution is a data service integration billing solution that allows telecommunication service providers to manage and charge the policy and data traffic in real time. The UA-PCC solution consists of Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) subsystem that determines data traffic control and charging policy in real time, Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) subsystem that controls the data traffic based on the policies. It also includes the Subscriber Profile Repository/Online Charging System (SPR/OCS) subsystem that executes real-time charging based on the analysis of saved customer information.



Features and Key functions

• Service quality control by using various parameters and QoS control based on traffic status
• Fair Usage Policy
• Traffic Redirection based on various conditions
• Data usage management per service and plan
• Delivers bundle bonus and product combination service
• Data packet analysis and information confirmation
• Script and rule-based policy management
• Centralized QoS managemen



• Integrated solution from packet analysis to real-time data charging
• Reduces OPEX through efficient data traffic management
• Delivers rule-based flexible data traffic control and billing policy, allowing fast release of various plans
• Delivers various integrated services and promotions



Telkom flexi / Indonesia : Provided the integrated UA-PCC solution (PCEF, PCRF, DPI)
UNITEL / Mongolia : Provided the PCRF system