Company Overview

Value Creator in Convergence Business

UANGEL established in 1999 has played a key role in promoting SMS services and wireless data services in the local mobile communication market, as an essential partner of local mobile communication service providers. UANGEL has developed various commercial core solutions for local mobile communication services including 4G LTE and IoT services in early stages, to keep pace with the development of local mobile communication market.

Based on technical skills and service know-how proven in the local market, UANGEL has entered the mobile communication market in Southeast Asia, beginning with Mongolia in 2001, and provides mobile communication solutions to 20 operators in 16 countries.

Recognizing the enormous change in the local mobile communication market in the beginning of 2010 when the distribution of smart phones began, UANGEL started smart phone App business and now, takes the lead in the local market related to the smart education for the child as a leading company.

UANGEL has also actively responded to convergence business that creates new value by combining the ICT with new industry area, and implements IoT business that combines connected devices/sensors with the ICT, and fintech business that combines finance and ICT as major new growth business.

UANGEL will become a company that develops new business based on world-class ICT technical skills and insights into the market, and creates new added-value for customers continuously.

Company UANGEL
Foundation July 1999
CEO Jy-Weon Ryu
Business Mobile core network, IoT, service platform, edutech
Employee +200
Address 13595 Hyundai Office Bldg. 10F, Hwangsaeul-ro 240, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Brief History

2012 - 2016 Diversified the product portfolio to lead the market change.Developed a solution of innovative 5G service experience and stable network operation.

  1. Business diversification to response market change actively
    Strengthen Edutech business
    Deployed Fintech solution to Korean major banks
    Built the foundation of IoT business
  2. Deployed next generation network solutions
    LTE Broadcast, PS-LTE (Public Safety network), IoT service gateway, signaling routing solution and convergent billing solution, etc.

2009 - 2011 Begun App business according to smartphone market.Developed mobile core network solutions responding to the evolution of mobile network.

  1. Expanded a business portfolio to smartphone App from the early days of smartphone spread
  2. Deployed core network solutions for LTE service to Korean mobile network operators, e.g. SK Telecom, KT, etc.

2004 - 2008 Expanded overseas markets with co-existence business model and time-to-market customization strategy.

  1. Expanded overseas markets (deployed solutions and revenue-share business model)
    U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
  2. Deployed WCDMA solution to Korean network operators

1999 - 2003 Built a leap base by deployment of mobile core network solutions and mobile internet MCP business

  1. Established in1999
  2. Deployed Intelligent Network, SMSC systems to SK Telecom
  3. MCP business of SK Telecom’s major mobile internet services, e.g. stock, ringtone, wallpaper, etc.
  4. First entered in overseas market (Mongolia, UNITEL, Skytel)