Business Overview

UANGEL makes to realize your dreams through ICT

Mobile Network

Network equipment should be more intelligent and evolve into a more flexible structure, considering that mobile networks use more and more broadband and All IP, and that mobile device usage patterns change rapidly. Uangel is developing smart network equipment that can take the lead in this rapidly-changing market.

Key solutions


Uangel provides IoT solutions that can realize the vision of smart factories, smart cities, and smart life, using the open IoT platform, which provides meaningful information to users by analyzing the information collected by communicating with connected devices installed in various industries.

Key solutions

Service Platform

Uangel provides a service platform that provides more convenient and pleasant mobile experiences to users and new added values to corporate customers in rapidly-evolving ICT environments where high-performance smart devices are being proliferated.

Key solutions


ICT development and digitalized contents are also necessary in the evolving preschool education field. Uangel operates “ToMoKids” that enables children to play and study at home, interactive multimedia teaching materials for early childhood education institute “ToMoNote”, and “ToMoRing” service that connects parents and teachers.

Key solutions